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About me

My philosophy in life:

* Good thoughts

* Good words

* Good deeds

What does this mean?

Good thoughts

We are in constant communication with everything around us. Each thought has the potential to influence the quality of our communication. Therefore, if we intend to change the world, we must be aware of our thoughts. What are we thinking?

Good words

A good story can change the world. The way we tell our stories will determine how we feel about ourselves, about others, and how we act in certain situations. Words can be building blocks to construct a positive vibe. Which words will we use?

Good deeds

Action is essential. Everyone is responsible for what they do in life. For every action, there is a reaction. What goes around comes around. When we do good in our daily lives, we contribute to a better world. Are our actions in line with our intentions?

Current projects

Future vision

My vision for the future is a humanity that lives in balance. A philosophy that could guide us there is explored in the manifesto below:

Agapism Manifesto

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